What is frozen Mango Pulp?

It is essentially pulp of mango which is frozen. Mangoes and we have been best buddies for like forever! We go long way back and have been their best hangout pad for many years. So much so that more mangoes love to come and rest in peace at our facility than anywhere else in the world. We at Jain’s have been leaders in agro food processing, especially mango pulp production in the world for several years. We have developed the standards in food processing which includes mango pulp manufacturing of hand-picked Alphonso and Kesar mangoes.
Research and scientific studies have shown (don’t believe us? share your email Id and we will share all the data) that frozen food is more awesome than so-called fresh foods. Mangoes (or any other natural produce) are not brought directly from the trees, there are a lot of people involved from ripening to reaching the product at your door. By the time the products are in your hands they have usually bypassed their fresh nature. We have thought long and hard about this and have come up with a brilliant innovation.

So, what is this brilliant innovation?

Thank God we thought you will never ask! The technique is simple we acquire mangoes from our noble farmers which are unripe. We bring it to our plant and ripen it by using secret ancient techniques. Okay! We will tell you but don’t tell anyone. We use ethylene solution, heat it to gaseous form and keep our unripe mangoes in special ripening chambers. Now mangoes and ethylene have a very love-love relationship as in the company of ethylene gas mangoes ripen in 7 days to their gallant form. We then pluck these mangoes

How is mango pulp manufactured?

Here’s how we do it:
1. Take the mango
2. Clean it, remove the skin and the seed
3. Mash it, give minimal heat treatment to ensure proper retention of natural taste
4. Freeze it to lock-in its freshness
5. Pack it in this amazingly durable bucket which seals the goodness and protects it from the heat and hurt

What is this 100% Natural don’t you use things like ascorbic acid?

Let us first compliment you my dear aware consumer for knowing so much and caring in detail about every little thing that you eat. We cannot be more proud! See the thing is we keep shouting that we are natural we have no preservatives but people just shrug and don’t care and it makes us feel a little sad that they don’t like to eat stuff which is truly right for them and their health but …. Apologies for getting a little carried away here’s the answer:
We do not use any acid as an additive including ascorbic. Ascorbic acid is basically Vitamin C which is abundant in mangoes and since our product is all mangoes well you can connect the dots (means we do not need it). Some brands use ascorbic acid to also lower the ph level which in turn reduces the pathogens but not our Aamrus as it is frozen to -18°C where pathogens cannot exist so no ascorbic acid.

Okay then! What about acidity regulators and stabilizers?

Wow on a roll aren’t you! We love this line of questioning as we have the perfect answer, nope and nope! We do not use any kind of acidity regulators and stabilizers as mangoes in nature don’t use them and Jain Farm Fresh Aamrus is all about mangoes.

Fine, Aam-so –perfect product! Tell us about the sugar?

Oh yeah sugar! The devil in disguise, the taste so good but not always-so-wise, the sweet in the treat, the taste in the maker, the life shaker, hate it or love it you cannot ignore it! Though we tried our best, but we needed to add a little sugar to make the taste universal for those who have never tried Aamrus in their life (sad no!). We tried lots of permutations and combinations involving some sugar and no sugar and then ultimately settled on 5% added sugar to our Aamrus. We could’ve added more sugar like other brands but we did not want to. That’s because we feel everybody should be able to eat whatever they want and it should not affect their health. 5% sugar makes our Aamrus safe for people suffering from diabetes as well as low on the waistline, Yup! Our priority has always been health along with taste.
So go on! Have a bucketful after work-outs or a long tiring day. But sugar or no sugar, please exercise as nothing beats a 10 min brisk walk or jogging or whatever you fancy as we care about you, yes YOU!

How to use Aamrus if it is frozen?

One word “Thaw”! Just take out the Aamrus bucket from its chilled confines and keep it at room temperature for 2 hours (given the rate at which global warming is increasing this time is sure to come down, we sincerely hope not!). The Jain Farm Fresh Aamrus comes in frozen form and needs to be thawed for 2 hours at room temperature to retain its original, luscious Aamrus form. After use, the remaining product must be restored in the freezer (at -18° C) and must be consumed within 72 hours (3 days) from opening.

How to tell if the product has expired?

It’s really simple, here are the pointers:

  • Aamrus is available in 1 kg and 500 gms bucket, refrain if the lid of the bucket is damaged (read seal is broken or already open)
  • If the products manufacturing date is more than 2 years old
  • If it is not frozen!! (like seriously, we mean ice-cream frozen)

Unless you see teeth marks or signs of breaking into the bucket from the wrong end, fading of packaging is not a sign of expiry as owing to the long shelf life of 2 years, the product goes through normal wear and tear. Though in case, of any complaints or unforeseen circumstances you can drop us a message on our FB page or on our website and we will get back ASAP.