Looking for ideas to make refreshing and ‘hat ke’ Navratri special drinks, as the much-awaited pious period begins soon?

Hailed as the most auspicious of Hindu festivals, Navratri is celebrated over nine days, twice a year. Both times also herald the change of seasons – spring to summer and autumn to winter.

There is a religious and spiritual fervour in the air. People fast and go on satvik (no onions, no garlic) diets, not only to pay obeisance to Goddess Durga but also to detoxify the body and re-energise the mind and the soul.

Festivities of any kind are best expressed through good food and drinks, and Navratri is no exception.

Saboodana tikki, makhana, kuttu ki poori, samak ke chaawal ki kheer, aloo ki sabzi are synonymous with Navratri special food.  Mouth-watering dishes made with these never fail to please the ones fasting or the ones just there for the delectable spread!The cool and refreshing drinks that can be served with vrat ka khana or anytime over the day provide the much-needed respite, from the delicious but heavy Navratri food and the onset of summers.

Here are 3 Navratri Special Drinks that will not fail to Delight

1. Minty Strawberry Orange Cooler

Minty Strawberry Orange Cooler

A rejuvenating strawberry cooler with a hint of mint is just about the most heavenly thing to have with a plate of sabudana tikki. The sweet-tangy strawberries and the crunchy sabudana make a great combination.

Apart from being delicious, health benefits of strawberry are legendary, and a drink made with it is always unique and sublime.

Quick recipe

Take a handful of strawberries. Good quality and natural frozen strawberry pulp is equally good to use for Navratri. Blend it in a mixer with ice and sugar, as per taste. Add lemon juice, fresh orange juice, and soda, and give a quick whiz in the blender. Add some small leaves, both for garnish and flavour. Pour into tall glasses and enjoy with or without your favourite Navratri dish.

2. Gingery Jamun Cooler

This one is a delish blend of the zesty ginger with the sweet-tart jamun and makes one interesting drink, Navratri or otherwise.

An extremely easy drink to put together, it is bubbly health in a glass, as both ginger and jamun are well known for their health benefits. This lip-smacking cooler is a boon for diabetics, as it keeps the blood sugar levels in check.

Quick recipe

Blend two tablespoons of jamun pulp and 1 teaspoon ginger juice with some water and strain. Squeeze a lemon and add the juice. Add sugar syrup and sendha namak (rock salt) and blend. Pour the mix in a glass, top up
with ice and soda, garnish with a lemon wedge. Your refreshing Jamun cooler with a twist is all yours to relish.

P.S. Fresh or frozen jamun pulp, both are equally good for this drink. So you can enjoy this on Navratri or anytime the fancy takes you.

3. Mango Smoothie with a Strawberry Twist

Mango Smoothie with a Strawberry Twist

This one is a keeper. The luscious mango meets the tangy strawberry and creates quite a tango!

This mango smoothie with a strawberry twist is absolutely refreshing and delightful. Extremely fulfilling, it is a mini-meal in itself and keeps one satiated during the fasting period. In fact, it is a nice break from the regular Navratri food when hunger pangs strike.

Quick recipe

Blend fresh or frozen mango pulp, yoghurt and ice cubes
in a mixer. Add some sugar, as per taste. Add a generous spoonful of strawberry pulp to the blend and swirl with a fork to make concentric circles. Take a tall glass, and dribble some strawberry pulp on the sides and twirl it so that the strawberry pulp forms a lovely design on the inside of the glass. Pour the smoothie in the glass and marvel at how beautiful and inviting it looks. The taste is equally divine, by the way.

The above Navratri special drinks can, in fact, be enjoyed any time of the year as good food and beverages should not need only special occasions to relish them.

Additionally, the availability of good quality, natural frozen fruit pulp ensures instant gratification, without having to wait endlessly for the fruits to be in season.

Refreshing, cool and delicious, these drinks will fit perfectly into any setting, occasion or mood.

Do you have any drinks recipes that can be enjoyed during Navratri? Share with us in the comment section below and the most ‘hat ke’ recipe stands to win a special gift hamper from AamRus.