If there is one lifestyle disease that has become an epidemic the world over, It’s diabetes. People with diabetes have to constantly watch what they eat. They need to cut down on carbohydrates and sugars, consume more healthy, protein-rich and fibrous food and add more of green vegetables and fruits to their diet.  People with diabetes are wrongly advised by many to stay away from all fruits. Yes, some fruits are high on sucrose with the GI levels being harmful to diabetics, but not all fruits are culprits. So while care needs to be taken to maintain moderation while consuming some fruits, there are other fruits which are beneficial for the diabetics. Most doctors recommend jamun fruits for diabetes as the fruit has properties that help control the disease

Many Ways to Benefit From Jamun Fruit For Diabetes

With 82% water and 14.5% carbohydrates, jamun is known to control blood sugar levels. It contains no sucrose that most fruits have and has a hypoglycemic effect reducing sugar levels in blood and urine.

Jamun Seeds contain jamboline that controls the conversion of starch into sugar. There are many other benefits of jamun, and every part of the tree, the fruit, the bark and the seeds are useful in the fight against diabetes. A pinch of powdered jamun seeds (roughly 3 grams) mixed with water, taken on an empty stomach is good for the patients of type 2 diabetes.


The Tastier Ways of Enjoying Benefits of Jamun

However, there are many more delicious ways of increasing your intake of jamun fruit for diabetes. Most of the time diabetics anyway have a lot of restraints on their taste buds, and there is no reason why a fruit as beneficial as jamun cannot be made more interesting.

Here we give you some recipe ideas for jamun drinks and dishes that you can prepare at home to enjoy the benefits of jamun–the tastier way. These dishes can be made with whole jamun fruit or with jamun pulp available in the market.


Smoothies of Jamun Fruit for Diabetes

Jamun smoothie is one of the easiest drinks that can be made to enjoy the benefits of jamun fruit for diabetes. Put some deseeded and chopped jamuns in the mixer. You can also use jamun pulp instead. Add half a cup of low-fat curd. Add a healthy sugar substitute. Honey is the best option but in a small amount. Add some crushed ice and mix well. Add some roasted chopped almonds as a topping. Serve chilled.


Jamun Dip

They go well with your nachos or multi-grain crackers. Take some deseeded jamuns or jamun pulp. Mix with low-fat yoghurt or curd. Mix and beat them well. Take 3-4 garlic pods and cut them into tiny pieces. Sauté them and add to the mixture. Add some coriander powder and rock salt. Mix well again. Add some lime juice. Serve either as an additional option with salsa sauce or just alone.


Jamun Cheese Spread With Garlic Bread

Take a small bowl of deseeded jamun or jamun pulp. Beat it well until it is smooth. You can also use a mixer-grinder. Add cheese spread to it. Mix and beat again until both the ingredients are well incorporated. Unlike smoothies and dips, here you need to make sure that there are no jamun chunks in the dip. Add some rock salt and seasoning with oregano. Spread generously on your garlic bread to enjoy the benefits of jamun.

Even though genetic factors have a complex role to play in people getting diabetes, lifestyle choices are equally responsible for the disease becoming so widespread. Junk food, sedentary behaviour at work & home and lack of exercise are the prime reasons behind the rampant spread of the disease. It’s important for a person with diabetes to be physically active and switch to healthy food habits. If they include more fruits like jamun in their diet, it will go a long way in controlling their sugar levels.