There is an old wives tale that does the round in many Indian homes when a woman gets pregnant – that if the newborn baby is always drooling, then that means there is some food the mom-to-be longed for and did not get to eat. Cravings and pregnancy are like synonyms; they are inseparable. However, it is equally important that every time longing for something sweet strikes, instead of binging on sugar-laden desserts grab some strawberries and indulge without guilt. Eating strawberry during pregnancy is the perfect guilt-free way to give in to your sweet tooth.

Is it okay to have strawberry during pregnancy?

The simple answer to the above question is yes. Strawberries, like all other fruits, are hugely beneficial during pregnancy. Therefore, unless you are allergic to them or have a family history of allergies to the fruit, strawberries will only make your pregnancy yummier and healthier.

In fact, according to a study, eating strawberry during pregnancy could enhance the child’s aptitude for reading later on.

The many health benefits of Strawberry During Pregnancy

Fresh or frozen, strawberries are rich in Folic acid, fibre, Calcium, Magnesium, vitamins C, A and other vital nutrients. This tangy and sweet fruit has some fantastic health benefits and is a favourite fruit with all age groups.

Protects the baby from neural tube diseases

Strawberries are rich in folic acid, which is a boon for pregnant women as a diet high in folate is very important to prevent the risk of premature birth and neural tube diseases in the baby.

Keeps mommy-to-be and baby safe from infections

Strawberries are also full of vitamin C, and anti-oxidants which boost the immunity and help the mom-to-be keep herself and the baby safe from infections that are always floating around.

Adds to the glow of a mom-to-be

Most pregnant women are radiant. Full of vitamin C, strawberries help fight against free radicals which makes the women glow, with happiness and good health.

Protects a baby’s eyesight

Strawberries are a natural source of vitamin A and are said to decrease the risk of the baby having poor eyesight later on in life.

Low on calories, high on indulgence

Strawberries are among the fruits that have the least amount of calories.  As a result, they are the ideal lifesavers during pregnancy, when one can go on an eating spree at any time.

Lifts those pregnancy blues

High in folic acid and vitamin C, strawberries are the natural mood boosters. Eating them helps in releasing the ‘happy hormone,’ serotonin, which soothes the nerves and helps in calming the raging hormones during pregnancy, and lifts the spirits.

Strawberry is indeed a super fruit and makes pregnancy healthier. The only point necessary to keep in mind is to make sure to wash them thoroughly if having them fresh. The frozen strawberry pulp is equally nutritious and ensures one enjoys their goodness at any time of the year.

Juicy, delicious and colourful, strawberries are the perfect fruit to gorge on during this special time. Go ahead, indulge yourself and glow.