Remember the painful times we gave our parents when we were those teeny boppers, and the exams were upon us?  Well, time flew, and it’s payback time! We are now on the other side, the parents in question, and are about to get in the line of fire. Exams are just around the corner. A stressful time for kids, they will get moody and picky about what they eat and drink.

Well, we are the new-age parents and should have some tricks up our sleeves. We have to humour the kids by making their favourite dishes and sneak in health, energy and nutrition wherever we can. Mango milkshake is a fabulous option as not only is it full of the rich and creamy taste of the sunshine fruit, but also packs all its health benefits and to top it; kids love it. Health bhi. Taste bhi!

Healthy snacks like mango milkshake benefit the kids hugely during the difficult exam time. An instant energiser, it is easy on the stomach, tasty and lifts the kids’ mood. Availability of frozen mango pulp throughout the year now ensures that one doesn’t need to wait for the summers to enjoy the favourite shake, be it exam-time or any other time.

How to make mango milkshake?

A creamy, refreshing and delightful shake, it is prepared by blending in chunks of the fruit or mango pulp, milk, sugar and some ice. It’s easy to make, and each sip is a sip to mango heaven.

Mango Shake brings out all the inherent health benefits of the fruit and is a shake for all seasons and all reasons.


Some of its marvellous benefits for the kids are listed below:

Helps in building strong bones

Mango milkshake is rich in calcium and Vitamin D from the mangoes and milk, which aid in building strong bones in kids. Vitamin D in mangoes further improves the absorption of calcium in the body Children, and young adults especially, need it to develop strong bones, childhood being the building block years of balanced growth.

Helps in maintaining iron levels

Mangoes are full of nutrients like iron, protein and beta-carotene, which are of great benefit to a growing kid. They increase the red blood cells in the body and studies have shown that the high iron content in mangoes helps in reducing muscle cramps, anxiety and is a great stress buster for kids, especially during exams. A glass of mango shake daily leads to an increase in iron levels in the body and provide the kids with all the quantity required to be healthy, while also lifting their spirits.

Good for eyes

Vitamin A in mango shake is perfect for keeping the kids’ eyesight healthy. One glass of the shake every day helps in treating dryness, night blindness and makes the eye muscles strong. The growth spurt years of teenage benefit from this yummy drink that also packs the punch of keeping the eyes happy and healthy.

Boosts Immunity

Do you want to strengthen your kid’s immunity? Mango milkshake can be your ally. An excellent source of vitamins A & C it also contains carotenoids which help in improving the immune system. During exam time especially, we want to ensure our kids’ stay hale and hearty and are not bogged down by infections or fall sick, which adds to their stress.

Maintains Weight

Kids become picky and conscious eaters as they get older. Many tend to become too pale and lose weight, and exam-time further adds to their erratic eating habits. Mango shake comes to the rescue here. A glass of the shake, while ensuring all essentials nutrients, also helps in maintaining optimum weight. At the same time, one should not over indulge as an excess of anything is not the best way to stay healthy.

Improves digestion

Mangoes help in controlling acidity and in keeping the body alkaline which further helps in fighting constipation and improves digestion. The nervous energy during exam times needs a glass of mango milkshake to keep the system running smoothly.

Mango milkshake is a simple, yet a highly nutritious answer to many exam time woes for our kids. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pack of frozen mango pulp and whip up a delicious treat for your child, while she/he takes a breather from the exam prep.